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Changing the way we approach the workforce and creating pathways that create better futures.


L20 Graduates


Fast-tracked apprenticeships

About Us

JUNA is an industry enhancing organisation, which advocates for heavy industry by:

  • championing skills training and education

  • driving improvements in training and education, and

creating career pathways for people either transitioning to or already working in the mining, energy, defence of relate supply chain service providers.

What we do

JUNA’s focus is to identify, understand and forecast the future workforce needs of heavy industry and work to address the skills training and education gaps.

  • By developing our existing workforce, we can:

  • grow the number of local people living and working in the regions

  • assist people navigate the changes in technology, demographics and productivity requirements, and

  • support the entry of workers looking to transition into heavy industry.



Linkforce is a foundation partner, but JUNA is looking to expand its partnership base.

Several programs have already been developed and are operational, including:

  • 20 fast-tracked apprenticeships

  • Link2Opportunity programs

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Footprint is an apprenticeship program aimed at building the workforce from the ground level.

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The Link2Opportunity Program is a pre-employment program designed to provide a safe, structured & supportive environment for unemployed jobseekers.